Monday, December 12, 2011


Rite of Acceptance went awesomely! I cried my face off, but it was an amazing ceremony in front of the Church and since Bette was administering the Rite to someone else also, Bodie filled in so she wouldn't have to do two people. It was so amazing to have him be a part of that, and Fr. David smiled when he got to me and I was so happy about the whole thing and felt so surrounded by friends and family and community. One girl that I teach CCD to was also an altar server and so she was able to watch the whole thing, and my fellow teachers Nina and Erica did too. It was amazing to have everyone there and go through that and accept Christ into my heart and accept this journey, officially. This is the first official, real, step that I have taken to joining the Church and it felt amazing. We processed into (and later out of) the church and had this little ceremony where we were given a copy of the Chatechism and a crucifix from Italy to wear. I cried the entire time practically because I was so happy.

Later that night we went to Messiah at Lake Ave. Church with this family that is friends with Bodie's family and it was really nice to meet them but I had a terrible migraine. I didn't realize that Messiah was like ... a whole thing by Handel and I thought it was just an event called Messiah where people went and sang Christmas Carols. Anyways we went to dinner at this place called Twoheys where we went with RCIA last year and it was really nice to talk to everyone, hang out, etc. I had this horrific headache though that got worse and made me nauseous every time I got into the car and when I got home I pretty much just went to sleep.

Anyways here is a little video of Messiah, Lake Ave is this church that is like non-denominational Christian I think, we don't go there usually, just for this special event. I thought the organ with the cross on it was beautiful even though it was missing the best part.

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