Friday, December 2, 2011


Given the lame-ness of blog introductions I will attempt to keep this one short and sweet. This project began because I am currently going through Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, and I am teaching Sunday School at St. Therese Church. I wanted to write down all my thoughts and feelings about the process, and journal about questions, discoveries, and challenges involved in that.

The idea began to take form and I realized I wanted more than that, and wanted to also blog about life, family, experiences, etc. I debated making two blogs, one for my faith and one for my family and friends, but really I don't want these things to be disconnected from each other. I want my faith family to know about my outside life, and I want my friends of different faiths, or without faith to be welcomed into that part of my life, not shunned or cut out. I thoroughly believe that the way to truth is discussion and exploration. I hope that through this, and together I and my readers may share, discuss, and hopefully work towards one universal truth.

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